Match Report

Match Report - 17 Mar 2019, Alton Hockey Club U16 - Ladies 2nd XI lost to Fleet & Ewshot

The team worked really hard as the game started with Alton only having 10 players and no keeper due to Hampshire commitments and an U16 game in Winchester. Once the whole squad was on pitch the girls passed well and made some really impressive attacking moves and had a number of shots at goal that went just wide. Fleet seemed less organised but having such an advantage in the first 15 minutes they easily gained a two goal advantage and Alton couldn't quite make that up despite a great effort that even saw them playing in a heavy hailstorm and despite that they bravely battled on. There was good support for each other and some good tackles. Lily played some great long balls out of defence and as always Mia Bentley ran after every ball, even those that looked as if they would run long. A disappointing result from a great effort by all.

Fleet & Ewshot 4 - 3 Alton Hockey Club U16 - Ladies 2nd XI