Match Report

Match Report - 31 Mar 2019, Alton Hockey Club U12 - Ladies beat Trojans

The girls were strong right from the beginning of the game today. They worked hard and played incredibly well together as a team. Fantastic passing and attacking from the midfield and forwards and great defensive play from the defence. Olivia, Maddie, Evie and Evie were like a wall in the back line and with the partnership of Olivia and Maddie in the central defensive roles, Evie and Evie were able to play a more attacking role on the left and right. In the midfield Ellie, was pivoting the ball well and able to play the ball out to the left and the right for Jorja and Annabel to pick up and drive or feed through to the front line, where Bella, Caite and Phoebe were able to work with the halves to set up and score. The goals were all scored from great assists and linked up play. Trojans didn’t give up though and broke in to the D a couple of times to challenge 1st time keeper Grace, who was able to use her football skills to kick the ball out of the D. Every aspect of today’s game was a credit to the girls. They needed very little guidance from Jon and I and they supported each other and communicated brilliantly throughout the game. I think this was their best game yet. Well done to all the girls. MoM was Maddie and Caite.

Trojans 0 - 8 Alton Hockey Club U12 - Ladies